Aaron Kai x Aurora Vaporizer


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Aaron Kai x Aurora Vaporizer


–          Award-Winning Aurora Vaporizer

–          Aaron Kai Carrying Case

–          3 Atomizers with Quartz Dish

–          Variable Voltage Battery

–          Snap Tech Magnetic Charger

–          Loading Tool/ Paint Can opener

–          Compatible with Concentrates

The Aaron Kai x Aurora vape pen is a delightful collaboration that features vibrant colors and flowing waves from Aaron Kai’s distinctive design style. This gorgeous vaporizer is the most recent and greatest from the limited edition Artist Series by Dr. Dabber. The radiant Hawaiian beach influence has been applied to the award-winning Aaron Kai x Aurora Vaporizer, thus creating the centerpiece of any conversation. With a total of 3 atomizers, this vape pen will consistently heat your favorite concentrates to perfect temperature.Buy juul devices

Snap Tech Magnetic Charger

The Aaron Kai x Aurora Vaporizer is a vape pen that features a new revolutionary connection system which is favorable for those who dislike screwing and unscrewing their devices. This vape pen is among the first vaporizers to employ the snap tech magnetic technology which allows the user to easily separate the Aurora’s atomizer from its mouthpiece and the battery from its atomizer. Snap Tech magnetic technology makes it quick and easy to replace atomizers and to charge the battery while maintaining a firm connection that does not wear down over time.

Advanced Aurora Atomizers

The Aaron Kai x Aurora Vaporizer gives the user freedom of choice since it includes three state of the art atomizers. It has been specifically designed to enhance flavor because the Ceramic Halo Atomizer contains zero exposed wires or wicks. Therefore, this ensures that your concentrates are burning slowly and evenly which aids in conserving the dab material. Additionally, its dual quartz rod atomizer is built to improve the flavor of the materials and is suitable for lower viscosity concentrates.

Variable Voltage Battery

The Aurora lets you tailor your vaping sessions by offering the option of choosing between three different heat settings or voltages. For a more prolonged vaping session, it is recommended to use the lowest heat setting; the other two heat options are for users who enjoy thick and large clouds. The temperature settings are indicated using different colors of LED lights and they can be easily scrolled through by pressing the power button three times.

Ease of Use

To use this device, simply remove the airflow chamber and mouthpiece from the heating chamber and battery. Drop your favorite concentrate into the heating chamber and arrange the concentrate directly onto the coils, then reassemble the vaporizer. Push the button five times to turn the device on and click it thrice to change the level of the power.

Buying the Aaron Kai x Aurora Vaporizer

When the award-winning engineering of Aurora teamed up with the Hawaiian artist Aaron Kai, the global market of vape pen took notice. This device is skillfully designed with radiant Hawaiian oranges and blues. The Dr. Dabber Series has significantly expanded on its line of artist-inspired vape pens, thus finally providing users with both style and power.


–          1 x Aaron Kai x Aurora Vaporizer

–          1 x Dr. Dabber Aurora Battery

–          1 x Dual Ceramic Rod Atomizer

–          1 x Concentrate Tool

–          1 x Ceramic Mouthpiece

–          1 x Dual Quartz Atomizer

–          1 x Magnetic USB Charger

–          1 x Dr. Dabber Keychain


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