Atmos Forge Vaporizer


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Atmos Forge Vaporizer

Buy Atmos Forge Vaporizer online,Taking wax dabbing to new heights at a reasonable price the Atmos Forge is your perfect example of using a quality dabbing system with advanced atomizer producing a pure and clean experience every time. If you are into dabbing, you’re used to the nasty, charcoal taste you get when dabbing but once you use a quality vaporizer, the taste becomes increasingly better of higher quality while giving a more potent experience. A Small, slender and sleek design, the Atmos Forge can easily fit in the palm of your hand while using it on the go with a long-lasting lithium ion battery with unique features to adjust the Air-flow of the vaporizer to increase the pulls giving you even more vapor. What stands out with this vape pen is the fact it has a air-flow dial that you adjust near the threading of the battery and atomizer, this quality trait makes taking hard pulls easier to accomplish and will increase the leverage to be able to draw out very thick pulls using the Atmos Forge Vaporizer system. check out some  vape flavors


Design Of The Atmos Forge

A compact, sleek vaporizer like the wax dabbing vape pen the Atmos Forge which is a small size of only 5″ that will fit directly in your pocket. The slender unit has a sleek build quality making it an easy vape pen to slide right into or out of your pocket. The Durable atomizer is constructed out of titanium metal and the air-adjustable feature is just another quality the Atmos Forge has in stock to offer with a controlled output to where you can adjust it to get massive pulls or very light pulls. Protected with stainless steel, the Atmos forge is a durable build to be able to withstand any accidental drops. vape juice shop


Atmos Forge Battery

The Atmos Forge has a battery with 900mAH power that allows a perfect amount of power to last up to two hours of vaping. With an air-flow dial on the battery which is located near the threading of the atomizer and battery, it will enhance and preserve the battery power when you use more air-flow and less heating to get more vapor. The Forge has an energy efficient lithium polymer battery that ends up lasting four times longer than any other type of battery. When the Polymer battery is fully charged it stops absorbing energy that ends up eliminating any type of overcharging thus increasing the longevity of the battery at greater lengths as you get added insurance of 5 year warranty on the batteries just in case they default. It will take 1 to 2 hours to fully charge the Atmos Forge 900mAH battery using a USB charger.


Atmos Forge Features

AS a vaping enthusiast, you want a vaporizer that will last a long time with durable components and a easy to use design you can use on the go and fit it right in your pocket to take as your personal dabbing pen as needed. The sub-ohm cartridge uses a lower than 1.0ohms since most atomizers can be used with the Forge but it is advised to stick with the manufacturers atomizer. With the Atmos Forge, you get 3 dual titanium atomizers with the Atmos Forge that you can load waxes and thick oils into the atomizer making it easy to load even on the go as you can pre-load all three atomizers without having any spillage since the atomizer is spill proof. To use the Forge just press the button down 5 times on the power button as it will unlock the safety features that prevent the battery from accidentally going off in your pocket.check out some vpe flavors


Keep in mind the great price of the Atmos Forge but aside from that is the great quality features you have available to you when owning a great quality wax dabbing vaporizer. With the battery power of over 900mAH of a lithium polymer battery, the quality type of battery is built to last and on top of that is the quality dual titanium atomizer which is going to last a long time as cleaning won’t mess with atomizer since it isn’t built sensitively, it is built to last. The adjustable air-flow dial will make taking huge pulls a lot easier since you can change the type of draw resistance you need when owning a quality pen vaporizer.


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