Atmos Magna Vape Pen


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Atmos Magna Vape Pen

Atmos has developed a new vaporizer called the Atmos. This model is affordable for any vaping budget. The magna comes in at half of the price of other vaporizers in its class. This vaporizer features a single quartz atomizer, as well as a dual quartz rod atomizer. Both having titanium coils of high quality as well.

Users will love that this wax pen vaporizer has a temperature controlled battery that features three different optimized heat settings. Reloading will be quick and easy, thanks to the magnetic chamber cover. It allows easy access to the atomizer.

Quartz atomizer give a pure, clean taste when vaporizers are equipped with them. The Atmos comes equipped with two, so that means twice the awesome, clean flavor! If you are in the mood for a more casual wax session, you can use the single coil, rather than the double.

The temperature controlled battery, allows you more control over your dab session. There are three different temperature settings and those are controlled with ease with a single button. Wax comes in different concentrations and the three different temperature settings make it easier to control the melting temperature for you.

This version also comes with a nice leather carrying case as well as a packing tool. Both are features that you do not always get with other vaporizer pens.

When it comes to cost and quality, the Atmos is top of the line. You get some really great features that even the most avid vapers will enjoy. This model will not break the bank if you are looking for something budget friendly. The Atmos would also be a good model for someone just starting out in the vaporizer world. The sleek look also makes it appealing to the eye. Something that will be nice to carry around with you. pax era pods



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