Dream Vape Pen


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Dream Vape Pen


  • Temperature controlled (350, 390 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Glass mouthpiece with airflow control
  • Titanium coil/ Dual Quartz Rods
  • Universal Micro USB charging port
  • Deep ceramic chamber
  • Coil-less chamber with ceramic dish (zero combustion)
  • Color: Metallic black, silver, gold and rose gold


The Dream vaporizer by Kind Pen is one of the most revolutionary and newest vape pens designed for  concentrates. It’s no surprise that it scooped the 2016 High Times Magazine best vaporizer award. This device is one of the first one to be perfectly concealable while having an amazing powerful 1500mah battery with three different temperature controls. The temperature options are 350, 390 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit. It also includes two heating chambers. One being the new dual quartz atomizer and the other being the popular ceramic coil. This vape pen comes with a glass mouthpiece which allows it to have a pure flavor, unlike most vaporizers that come with a rubber mouthpiece. It also comes in four different colors; silver, metallic black, gold, and rose gold. buy cannabis oil


The Dream is a very portable device. It’s a bit bigger compared to some others out there, but it can comfortably fit in your bag or pocket. The glass mouthpiece is strong enough to hold up when you are traveling, though it is nice to provide it with some degree of care since it can break if not properly handled. However, even this happens there is another glass included in the package.

Temperature Flexibility

The Kind Pen Dream has three different settings to choose from that ranges from 350 degrees Fahrenheit (red light), 390 degrees Fahrenheit (yellow light) and 430 degrees Fahrenheit (green light) as mentioned above. Access is at the bottom of the device. On the base of the mouthpiece, there are some manual settings for adjusting cooling and airflow, which helps to offer a more temperature experience for your concentrates.

Vapor Quality

The Dream provides an excellent quality vapor. You can be able to get some good flavor on the lowest temperature setting, fairly satisfactory on the yellow setting and some decent clouds on the highest settings. The four inbuilt setting for adjusting airflow will assist you to keep things cool as you vaporize and the glass mouthpiece will allow you to see the production of vapor as you go.

Touch Sensor Battery

Another great specification about this device is that it comes with a touch sensor battery. This means that there is no button that can be pressed accidentally when the device is in your bag or pocket. For it to work, it must be activated by a touch sensor which is at the bottom of the battery using your hands. It is similar to a smartphone.


Buying the Kind Pen Dream


Last but not least, your valuable investment in the kind pen dream is guaranteed by the manufacturer thanks to the lifetime warranty. Add that to all the incredible feature that this unit offers ranging from portability, awesome design, long lasting battery among others, its simple to see why this vaporizer is among the best. At only $99.99 you will be rewarded with an amazing vaping experience.

Accessories Included


  • Dual Ceramic Rod Atomizer
  • Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer
  • 1500mah 3-temp Control Battery
  • Packing Tool
  • Lifetime Warranty


Technical Specifications


  • Comes with a touch sensor battery
  • Dimension 4.25 x 1 x 1 cm
  • Weight 6 oz.


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