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KandyPens Executive

Buy KandyPens Executive It Looks just like a pen, perfect for using on the go, won’t draw suspicion and is the perfect wax dabbing vaporizer which will fit easily and slide into and out of your pocket. The KandyPens Executive Vaporizer is by far one of the best vaporizers in the world to use. It is a very powerful vaporizer which will vape any type of wax substance. If you’re needing an incredible, high quality, low-cost wax pen vaporizer, this Is the one to pick up, to be able to use it as it looks like an actual pen makes it easier for you to use any time you’re on the go. It is made with a rich black finish as it also comes in gold color. The Executive vaporizer by KandyPens is one of the best selling wax pen vaporizers in the world since it can sell so easily at the price of only $59. The KandyPens Executive vaporizer kit is the best high-end wax pen which gives you every bang for your buck as it uses much technology to effectively vaporize your waxes to make it a wax dabbing machine. buy weed online

KandyPens Executive Design
The KandyPens Exectutive vaporizer is one of the newer KandyPens creation, this finely and appealing vaporizer is split into two different parts which would be the battery and the atomizer making the pen vaporizer less complicated to use than any other of its counterparts and creations made. The make and design of the vaporizer is clean and looks like a full fledge single unit without any attachments making it a solid build and a very sleek / appealing build for a cheap pen vaporizer like the KandyPens Executive. The see-through glass tank of the Executive is one of the nice additions to complete the entire vapinng kit. The power button is located perfectly in the center of where the threading is between the battery connection and the atomizer connection. The KandyPens Executive has very small and fitting dimensions of 2 x 3.25 x 6 in. perfect to slip-and-slide right into your pocket. The Discreet look makes the KandyPens Executive a perfect fit for any occasion, the discreetness is perfect for on-the-go activity as no one would be suspicious of what you’re actually doing when you’re vaping with this cheap vape pen. When there’s a pen vaporizer perfect for any occasion, especially using it on-the-go with such a discreet look, the KandyPens Executive is the perfect match you need to have the best pen vaporizer for such a low price making it a cheap vape pen you want to own any time whether if you’re a beginner or an expert this is going to be the perfect match for you. Overall this is a classy pen on the outside and a perfect pen vaporizer to dab your waxes on the inside, the cap adds to the style-theme when you tuck the vaporizer in your pocket. You also get an extra atomizer buying this cheap pen vaporizer kit making is a classy act by the manufacturer.

KandyPens Executive Features
The KandyPens Executive is a high quality vaporizer that uses a simple function to press the button 5 times and it’ll turn on and begin to heat up. The Main thing about the KandyPens Executive is the fact that it is a cheap pen vaporizer being priced at a really low price and the exclusive design with being two parts as there’s the atomizer and the battery that connect together. When you start the unit up, you’ll notice a very important feature called the battery light indicator which will inform you on when the unit is heating up, it’ll tell you that the device is working properly. You can easily see the vapor building up in the see through tank which is a nice, visualizing experience making this pen vaporizer one unit you should always be looking to make sure you get the best vapor quality in the world. The KandyPen Executive is made out of a sleek aluminum alloy finsh and the atomizer is made out of quality pyrex glass. The heating is made using Sloburn technology which means the unit slowly vapes the materials inside the atomizer. With the KandyPens Executive, there’s no wicks or wires that will make it hard for you to clean the vaporizer. There’s no dyes or glues holding the unit together and the best part is the fact that the battery comes with a lifetime warranty.

KandyPens Executive Atomizer
The KandyPens Executive atomizer is made out of high quality ceramic dual atomizer using a titanium coil. The atomizer heats up quickly but uses low heating settings making your waxes prone to vaping with really low heat so you will never taste any char or burnt taste. The Atomizer is deep dish and comes with a pyrex tank to where you can actually see the vapor being produced to where you get the highest quality vapor production that no other vaporizer can do for you. When you buy the KandyPens Executive vaporizer, you get an extra atomizer. This unit is very small and able to function properly using the high-quality lithium ion battery in which the vaporizer comes with.

Buying the KandyPens Executive, you get the highest quality vaporizer for the price. The atomizer is made with ceramic dual rod atomizer using a titanium coil. Titanium technology is some of the best metals to use with your botanical. The heating uses a new technology called SloBurn which means the vaporizer uses low heating for you to actually taste all the vapor being produced instead of any char or burnt taste. The atomizer uses a deep dish pyrex tank which can hold a bit of botanical that you can take and use for later. To activate the battery you simply press the power button 5 times really quickly and then heat will activate almost instantly when you press and hold the vape pen. The overall exterior design is made out of aluminum alloy metal which makes it a high-quality build. The vaporizer’s battery is a strong 1200mAH lithium ion battery that will heat up for long period of time to where you can use it for later use. Buying the KandyPens Executive, you get a lifetime warranty on the battery which means the company has a lot of faith in the performance of the battery. When it comes down to it, the sleek look of the vaporizer is the most important as it comes with what looks like a pen cap that goes over the ceramic tank. The KandyPens Executive is something you would want to buy if you’re trying to use a stealth type of wax vape pen that no on-lookers would ever see any noticable components when you’re vaping. When you take the cap off, it simply looks like ink, making it the ultimate steal cheap vape pen, the KandyPens Executive is the top-of-the-line vape pen to buy.

Ceramic Dual Rod Atomizer w/Titanium Coil
SloBurn™ Technology
Deep Chamber
Pyrex Glass Tank
No Glues
No Dyes
Extra Atomizer, Glass Jar, & Applicator Tool Included
Lifetime Warranty (Battery)

What’s Included:

2 Ceramic Dual-Coil Atomizers
1 Glass Jar
1 Dab Tool
1 USB Charger
1 Instruction Booklet



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