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KandyPens Gravity Pen

KandyPens Gravity is a wax based vape pen designed as one of the most sophisticated and advanced pens currently available in the market. The gravity is crafted and made to perfection with some of its newest features like temperature controlled battery, two atomizers quartz, and donut and it is well finished with a noir-style sheen. On top of this is a lifetime warranty to ensure that your investment on the vaporizer is not wasted.

Temperature Options

The KandyPens Gravity vaporizer pen comes with four different temperature settings, unlike the Galaxy vape pen which only offers three temperature options. The Gravity bottom logo and power button will glow different colors indicating which temperature is currently set. The colors and their respective temperatures are:- 300F- Pink

– 350F- Red

– 400F- Green

– 430F- Blue

The new pink temperature setting is a significant improvement over the Galaxy. You can change the temperatures by quickly clicking three times the button in the shape of letter K. The button will change colors, and the light blinks three times, indicating the change in temperature. Five quick clicks will unlock or lock the battery. It is just the same as turning the battery on and off. If you turn the pen off and then back on, the current temperature is flashed with the respective color three times.Pax pods 


The battery can last for a long time, long enough for it to never pose as an issue. A fully-charged battery will go up to two hours. If you travel a lot and need to charge the Gravity pen on the go, the charge is small and easy to carry. Perhaps one of the best parts about gravity temperature control battery is that it comes with a lifelong warranty. This means that KandyPens will replace your battery no matter what happens to it. Such a warranty is extremely rare especially when it comes to wax pen category.

Ceramic Disk Atomizer

By far this is one of the best atomizers to date. It shines when paired with the new lower temperatures on the Kandy Pens Gravity battery. The first few hits always are full of flavor with zero risks of burning the oil. The disk does a great job of distributing the heat evenly. The disk in the chamber is placed low enough to vaporize any oil that makes it to the bottom. Lots of quality and great flavor from this one.

Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer

For dabbing off quartz funs, there is a lot to love with the dual quartz rod atomizer. The whole atomizer chamber is lined with quartz, inside it is two quartz rods that have being wrapped in a titanium coil. The rods does a great job absorbing and distributing heat from the coils. Also, they are placed low enough in the chamber to vaporize any oil that will make it down there.

Buying KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer 

When it comes down to buying a portable vaporizer, KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer is one of the best options if you are out there looking for a mid-priced and super easy to use wax pen. It is priced just like any other wax pen vaporizer but features styling and durability like no other. Also, you will get a state of the atomizer technology, a lifetime warranty and battery with TC function just to mention a few.



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