Linx Blaze

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Linx Blaze


–          High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction

–          Modular Design

–          Compact

–          Four Temperature Settings

–          Complete with Carrying Case and Tool

–          In-Laid Heating Full Quartz Atomizer

–          Magnetic Mouthpiece

–          Complete with Carrying Case and Tool

–          All Glass Vapor Path

Linx Blaze is a Company popularly known for its Hypnos Zero vaporizer. This ultra-portable, premium vaporizer took over the vaping industry by storm when it was originally released into the market. The Company has now made some improvements and has come up with an improved version of Hyponos Zero known as the Linx Blaze. The Linx Blaze looks more of its predecessor in many ways. However, Linx Blaze is a bit larger and has put more emphasis on performance. This dab pen device comes with some new hidden features that Linx enthusiasts will be sure to love. weed for sale 


Immediately after picking this device, you will notice that it is a premium product. Linx Blaze is just four inches tall making it a very portable device. It looks terrific and feels great in hand. Every single part of this device is well grafted to offer top-notch experience to the user. The product features a stainless steel finish that looks very attractive. However, the quartz coil is susceptible to cracking if dropped on a hard surface. If you can avoid dropping the product, then you can expect it to serve you for a very long time.

Vapor Quality

If you are among the users that love great cloud, then the Linx Blaze may not be for you. However, if great flavor is what you look for in a vaporizer, then Linx Blaze is a great idea. The zero atomic vaporizers as well as the ace quartz atomizer work somehow differently despite their great similarities. When it comes to heating, the ace quartz atomizer tends to heat up more slowly compared to zero ceramic atomizers. This makes the device best when it comes to flavor.

Battery performance

This unit comes with a 900 mAh battery. The battery is average for a larger device such as the Linx Blaze. It lasts for a long time meaning that you will be able to go for a few sessions before it runs out. The only downside is that once the battery is off, it takes almost three hours to recharge.


The Linx Blaze comes with an auto shutoff as a special added feature. The device will shut off if you leave it for a few minutes without using. Some users dislike this feature since they are forced to keep turning the device on after every few minutes. However, on the bright side auto-shutoff feature comes in handy when it comes to saving the battery life.

Ease of Use

Wax Pen vaporizers are quite simple devices to use, and the Linx Blaze is no exception. The device has only one button where you can operate from. This makes it very simple for beginners to operate and get the feeling they are looking for. They will have no problem at all achieving quality clouds.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning this device is quite simple and will not take you a lot of time to it. Take the device and turn it upside down over a sink or a paper. Adjust the temperature settings to red so that it can burn any residue. After that change the temperature settings to blue light and use a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean. However, you should make sure never to soak the entire device in alcohol.

Buying Linx Blaze

The Blaze is yet another incredible device from Linx. The device is not perfect, but it has got a lot of features right. The Linx Blaze may probably not give users looking for clouds great satisfaction. It provides a thin cloud that might not be very satisfying. However, the vapor is very flavorful and smooth. In a nutshell, if the quality is what you are looking for, Linx Blaze is the device you should purchase.


–          1 x Linx Blaze 900 mAh Rechargeable Battery

–          1 x Magnetic Mouthpiece Cap

–          1 x Zero Atomizer

–          1 x USB Charger

–          1 x Linx Blaze Ace Atomizer

–          1 x Blaze carrying case

–          1 x Glass Mouthpiece

–          1 x Linx Tool

Technical Specifications

–          Warranty:     One Year

–          Dimension:   19 mm (Diameter) x 105 mm (Length)

Weight:          72g with Zero atomizer attached; 76g with Ace atomizer attached


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