Micro Vaped Nano V4


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Micro Vaped Nano V4

Small in nature, at only four and a half inches tall, the Micro Vaped Nano V4 offers the ability to vape discreetly. The pen is designed in resemblance to a writing pen for those that may not necessarily want to advertise that they are avid vapers. While small in size, the Nano V4 proves the point that looks can be deceiving. It features a deep chamber, made of quartz and a pen cap mouthpiece that is designed to prevent leaking. It even comes equipped with a built in clip to prevent it from falling out of your pocket or purse.

Cosmetically, the Micro Vaped Nano V4, looks like a much smaller version of the original V4. The Micro Vaped offers natural and pure flavor, compliments of the two quartz rods that are wrapped in Gr2 titanium coils. These are contained within a crystal quartz dish.

High quality materials were used in the design of this vape pen. As a result, the taste and amount of vapor, are of high quality. The Micro Vape Nano V4, also features controlled airflow as well. Located right underneath the atomizer, you can open and close the air valve easily.

Another great feature is the multiple temperature settings on this pen. We all know that concentrates come in a varied consistency and a good quality pen will be able to handle each variation.

The Nano comes complete with a lithium-ion battery equipped with 6 heat settings to adjust to any type of material or concentrate. This pen also contains a safety mechanism. Five pushes of the button will lock the battery in order to prevent accidental use by others. You will get advanced warning if your battery starts dying, thanks to the flashing signal. This unit comes complete with a 510 charger as well. A great value for your money!



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