OG Series GEN3 Vape Pen


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OG Series GEN3 Vape Pen


–          VaporBlast Mouthpiece

–          Bigger Ripping and Immediate Heating

–          Up to 12 hours of Battery Life

–          650mAh Variable Voltage Smart Battery

–          Silicone Base Station

–          Calibrated Low-Temperature Coil

–          For use with Concentrates

–          Polycarbonate Visual Heating Chamber

–          Variable Temperature Control (Blue = Low Temp 3.6v / Orange = Medium Temp 3.8v / Red = High Temp 4.2v)

The OG Series GEN3 Vape Pen is the most recent and greatest edition of #THISTHINGSRIPS powerful quartz rod concentrate pen. The new OG Four 2.0 is fully loaded with a dual quartz rod atomizer thus delivering big tasty clouds that most flavor-chasers crave. A new forged VaporBlast mouthpiece delivers better airflow and more discretion. However, #THISTHINGRIPS includes the original visual reaction chamber mouthpiece too. It also includes a smart battery with a variable voltage which remembers the last temperature setting. So, you do not have to reset it every time you want to vape. Additionally, the OG Four 2.0 GEN3 features a silicone base station which you can use to store all your essential accessories. TTR threw in a slick reflective exterior with a bright orange styling and compact dimensions so that you can vape in style. cbd oil  for cancer

It also includes a double quartz rod atomizer which gives out huge clouds while preserving the best flavors found in concentrate oils. Each of these lava quartz rod atomizers is wrapped in Ti coils that produce huge rips from a slight dab of concentrate. While the new forged VaporBlast mouthpiece discreetly offers great hits, switching over to the bright orange, transparent visual reaction mouthpiece offers an amazing way of looking at your clouds.

Smart Battery ‘Set It & Forget It’

TTR makes your vaping experience easy with a 650mAh smart battery since it remembers the last temperature setting. Therefore, rather than choosing a new temperature setting each time you begin a session, you turn on the device and start vaping immediately. Also, this smart and powerful battery lasts for 12 hours which is convenient. Therefore, you do not have to charge throughout the day. And when it comes to recharging the battery, you can do it quickly and conveniently using the hyper-charging USB cable.

Watch It Work

Unlike other vaporizers which require you to load your concentrates and blindly burn through it, the OG Four 2.0 come equipped with unique polycarbonate visual heating chambers that allow you to watch as your concentrates burn. Not only will you clearly see how much concentrate you have left in the chamber, but you will also see your clouds add a whole new element to your wax vaporization sessions.

Smart, Portable Vaporizer

The OG Four 2.0 GEN3 makes vaping concentrates enjoyable, easy and hassle-free with its stealth design that is simple to use. Its body is made of Grade A Ceramic that is lightweight and sturdy thus making sure you have a smooth on-the-go experience which does not weigh you down. #THISTHINGRIPS has upgraded an already amazing vaporizer delivering a stellar companion for concentrate fanatics who vape on-the-go.

Dual Lava-Quartz Rod Atomizer and Low-Temperature Coils

The OG Four 2.0 GEN3 includes a dual quartz rod atomizer which generates huge clouds while at the same time preserving the best flavors present in the concentrates. Each lava-quartz heating rod is wrapped in Ti coils thereby generating giant rips from the slightest dab of concentrate. Quartz is a much more inert material than ceramic therefore when it burns you do not get to taste it. Rather, when you activate the atomizer after loading up your dab of concentrate, you will only get to taste your concentrate in its purest form. And there isn’t a better way of enjoying your concentrates. Additionally, TTR features new and improved calibrated low-temperature coils which make sure that your concentrate is burning at the lowest temperature. The combination of dual lava-quartz atomizer and calibrated coils, you are sure to get the true and best-tasting hits possible.

Buying OG Four 2.0 GEN3 Vaporizer

The OG Four 2.0 GEN3 Vaporizer has a discreet design which is easy and simple to use. Therefore, it can be the best companion for a beginner. It is also compact which makes it portable and it can perfectly fit in hand thus can be concealed when using in public. Additionally, it delivers giant tasty hits that most veterans and beginners crave.


–          1 x OG Four 2.0 Gen3 Vaporizer

–          1 x USB Hyper-charging Cable

–          1 x Pre-charged Set it and Forget Smart Battery

–          1 x New Forged VaporBlast Mouthpiece

–          2 x Coil-less Ceramic Floating Atomizers

–          1 x Classic Chamber

–          1 x New Base-Station Silicon Storage Tray

–          1 x Stainless Steel Tool

–          1 x Printed Instruction Manual

–          2 x Cleaning Wipes

–          2 x Silicone Heat Rings

–          1 x XXL Patented SURE-GRIP Silicone Jar

Technical Specifications

–          Warranty Info: 90 Days

–          Weight: 0.70 lbs.

–          Voltage: 110v

–          Dimensions: 2 x 3.25 x 6.25 in.

–          Thread Size: 510

–          Compatibility: Concentrates

–          Color: orange


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