R2 Series GEN3 Vape Pen


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R2 Series GEN3 Vape Pen

You have been patiently waiting for it, and finally, here it is! R2 Series GEN3 Vape Pen is the latest and greatest in the line of highly desired R Series Vaporizer. Even though its external design has not changed much, there are some significant upgrades in its internal mechanisms to meet the demands of the modern day users. The atomizer system has undergone a total refit hence giving it a significant improvement in terms of performance compared to the original. The R2 Series Vaporizer is now equipped with a new and advanced ceramic rod atomizer with a calibrated low-temp coil that allows it to heat concentrates at a much slower pace. This makes it increase efficiency and conserve the natural flavor of your concentrates. Here are some of its incredible features.

Visual Appealing Design

Featuring a polycarbonate green transparent plastic atomizer, you can be able to see the vaporizer doing its magic while it is in use. When you use the R2 Series Vaporizer, you will also be able to enjoy every bit of dabbing. With R2 Series Vaporizer, you will always know how much concentrates you have left, hence making it easier to change out the concentrate when you run out without necessarily having always to unscrew the atomizer.

Low-Temperature Coils

The low-temperature coils are new and significantly improved from the previous version. This means that you can now enjoy the best vaping experience so as to get the most out of the R2 Series Vaporizer. The original one used a wicked atomizer while the new R2 Vaporizer features a new ceramic version. This helps you never to reach combustion and you will always experience the best possible results. The coil system gives you a better vaping quality so that you can get natural rips without having to taste any burnt materials.

R2 Series Vaporizer Battery

This vaporizer is powered by a 6500 Micro amp battery. It is coupled with a microchip processor. The battery can offer up to twice the amount of charge. juul pods near  me


R2 Series Vaporizer features an integrated safety shutdown that turns off the vaporizer when not in use. This ensures a prolonged life for the battery and user safety as well.

Ease of Use

Some additional benefits of using the R2 Series Vaporizer is how easy it is to use. It comes charged and ready to use right from the package, however, it is recommended that you first charge it before using for the first time. Also, it allows easy loading of oils and waxes through its funnel cloud technology Cartridge.

Buying the New R2 Series Vaporizer

When you get to understand all the quality components featured by the R2 Series Vaporizer, you will end up loving and buying it. You will be able to see all you are doing since the vaporizer is see-through. The ceramic rod system offers you the best vaping experience so that you can enjoy all the best vaping flavor and quality with this vaporizer. Considering all that this vaporizer offers compared to its price, it is worth every penny, so you will want to pick up and buy it while it is still on shelves.

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