Source Orb XL Flosstradamus


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Source Orb XL Flosstradamus

Buy Source Orb XL Flosstradamus ,The Flosstradamus kit is the latest vape pen released by the Source vapes. It improves on its earlier version the Source XL model. The Source Orb XL Flosstradamus is a very portable and high-power vaporizer with an innovative design and outstanding airflow. It features a stainless steel mouthpiece with 30W battery and triple quartz coils made from Grade 1 titanium. This unit is one of the best portable vaporizer available in the market in 2016. cannabis capsules for sale

Titanium (Gr 1) Quartz Triple Coil Atomizer

The Source Orb XL Flosstradamus include the world’s first ever Grade 1 Titanium Quartz triple coil that can handle up to 1g of concentrated material with ease. This unit is the only one that has been able to feature the purest titanium known to man. Source has created an atomizer that brings out the true taste of your wax shine, with no burnt or charred taste.

303 Stainless Attachment

Another awesome feature about this vaporizer is its 303 stainless steel attachment. The top piece that covers the atomizer and the mouthpiece are made from stainless steel. So the mouthpiece, the atomizer, and the air vents are contained in one stainless steel looking unit. Gives great vapor, very durable and since it’s made from the stainless heat that conducts heat less than other mouthpiece, it keeps your mouth from unpleasant heat.

Vapor Quality

The vapor you can get out of Source Orb XL Flosstradamus is phenomenal. Due to the large coil size, you can get those low temperatures that are hard to achieve with smaller coils, making the vaping experience with this device much smoother. Also, this device works well with water pipes, if you set in up in the right way.

Temperature Settings

It has eight different temperature settings which allow you to have a good vaping experience. You can get small heats out of this vaporizer by using the lowest heat.

Ease of Use

You will need to adjust the air flow so as to cut down on resistance and get an easy draw. This pen may be somehow difficult for beginners to use because it has a variable voltage battery and the most kit come with attachments and multiple parts. However, experienced users are likely to find it very easy to use


The Source Orb XL Flosstradamus has a decent battery life. It comes with a 1300Mah battery with variable voltages ranging from 2.7 to 4.2 volts. Compared to other vaporizers, this battery is twice as powerful giving the vape a longer battery life and greater power.


The Source Orb XL Flosstradamus provides a one-year warranty on battery and a 30-day warranty on the atomizers. Compared to what is offered by other atomizers in the same category, this guarantee is a little shorter. However, considering the price, the warranty is average.

Buying Source Orb XL Flosstradamus 

Overall, the Source Orb XL Flosstradamus is a great setup. It gives you everything you need in a portable vaporizer, plus it’s the largest coil you can buy for concentrates in the market. The powerful 30W inside the battery provides you with all the power you need for you to get the most out of the vaping experience so that you can understand exactly the beauty behind the Source Orb XL Flosstradamus. When it comes to buying a high-quality pen, there is nothing better than this one with quality and power.

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