Stok Edition One Vaporizer


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Stok Edition One Vaporizer


  • Dual Ceramic Rods
  • Rally Mode
  • Titanium Coils
  • Volcano Mouthpiece

Stok Edition One Vaporizer, who also operate as under the #Thisthingrips brand, are back with their latest incarnation entitled the Stok Edition 1. Although the styling on the Edition 1 is a different from what we’re used to with this manufacturer, one thing remains: the massive hits that rival torch and nail setups. This is a wax only device that features the combo of a ceramic heating rod and titanium coils. The result is a device that can produce the huge rips and pure flavor that Stok is known for. Its dual rod design also helps make sure all of your material is heated evenly and efficiently for no waste or bitter taste. When you think of a Stok vape normally their trademark see-through chambers come to mind. The ‘Mile High White’ design of the Edition 1, however, embodies a classy high-tech feel will surely appeal to those who prefer a cleaner look. Measuring at 6.5” in length the Edition 1 is on the taller side of vape pens but remains compact enough to take anywhere and is easy to grip.

Operating The Stok Edition One

The Stok one follows a similar button press combination of many other vaporizers. To turn the unit on press the power button 5 times. You can then cycle through the 3 temperature settings by clicking the button 3 times: Buy Marijuana edibles

  • Blue – 3.4v (650F)
  • Teal – 3.8v (750F)
  • Red – 4.2v (800F+)

To load the device first remove the mouthpiece from the atomizer. With the included tool, pack a small dab onto the atomizer before reattaching the mouthpiece. Hold down the power button to take a draw or click it twice to entry rally mode for 20 seconds. The tapered mouthpiece helps give large hits and thicker vapor that really helps get the most out of your waxes. Be aware though, the draw resistance with this mouthpiece is high, so be prepared use strong pulls. A “Rally Mode” allows for 20 seconds of uninterrupted use, perfect for sharing if you’re not going solo. Just be quick as it’s not very long compared to some of the session modes other vaporizes offer.   However, if you’re just sharing with a friend it should offer enough time for each of you to get in a good hit. Likely the reason that longer sessions aren’t offered is to keep the heat time of the atomizers down to avoid wearing them out too quickly.

Buying The Stok Edition One

For a vape pen in the $50-100 range, the Edition 1 is sure to win over many concentrate fans. Its impressive vapor quality rivals traditional torch and nail setups without the mess and hassle. The new design is a welcome change, it’s a great choice for those who want a more discreet looking pen to take out on the go. Another winner from Stok who managed to maintain their core selling point while offering up something new.


  • Dual Ceramic Atomizers x2
  • Mouthpiece
  • Silicone Jars x3
  • Smart Battery

Technical Specifications

  • 600F – 800F
  • 6.5”
  • Wax


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