#This Thing Rips Remix R Series


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#This Thing Rips Remix R Series


  • 510 Threaded
  • Calibrated Low Temp (Preserves Flavor)
  • Ceramic Thermal Cup
  • Coil-less Chamber

Buy #This Thing Rips Remix R Series  online ,the Remix is a continuation of the R series wax pen from Florida-based vape company Stok, or more commonly referred to these days as #Thisthingrips. Stok, known for vaporizers, cartridges, torches, and silicone containers, transitioned to the #Thisthignrips brand in 2013 after a few years already in the business. With about six years of total development under their belts they’ve had time to slowly refine their already popular designs to reach the final goal of the ultimate portable wax pen.

Advancement In The R-Series

Building upon the success off  from their previous models such as the OG and Roil vape pen, the Remix offers a few key enhancements to make it deserving the title of an upgrade. What’s different? If you simply looked at these different units side-by-side you might think they are identical other than their exterior colors. While they share many similarities, the Remix does have a few tricks up its sleeve to set it apart. Stok, like many modern vape manufacturers, is starting to build their chambers using a coil-less design and eschewing glue and plastics to producer a cleaner tastier vape. For instance, while the OG Four2.0 uses a coil-based design, the Roil introduced a more modern coil-less chamber.The Remix continues with a coil-less chamber too, but now adds a ceramic thermal cup to aid in heat transfer. This makes the coil-less conduction design more efficient and effective, resulting in both bigger rips and enhanced flavor compared to the Roil.

Discreet Look And Feel

One important factor that all of the R series pens have is they allow for ultra stealthy usage. Not only is the form factor slim but they feature a signature ‘pen cap’ that perfectly hides the true nature of the device to avoid unwanted attention when on-the-go. The Remix sports a striking red visual chamber so you can see all the action as it unfolds, surrounded by a black casing. One thing missing from some of their other R series pens is the trademark hashtag button, the Remix has a more low-key one, instead. You get two silicone heat rings to avoid burning your hand when holding the unit around the atomizer. One drawback with this design is that the pen cap won’t fit when they are installed, so you’ll need to take them off and put back on each time you use it. Vapor quality and flavor is very satisfying on the Remix. The hits are not as big as their other models such as the R2 (which uses coils) but it’s still capable of the thick cloudy rips #Thisthingrips are known for. Buy pax ara pods near me

Operating The Remix Vaporizer #Thisthingrips

To turn the unit on just click the main button five times. It will flash letting you know it’s ready for action. Loading a dab of wax is as simple as removing the discreet pen cap, unscrewing the visual chamber, and then loading the material into the atomizer. Improved airflow allows for smooth and easy draws while you hold the button down to heat your material. Clean up is a breeze, too, because the coil-less chamber provides an easy to access surface to wipe off when necessary. Charging the battery involves unscrewing the chamber and then attaching the USB connector. You can then plug it into any USB wall attachment or computer.

Buying The Remix Vaporizer #Thisthingrips

The Remix sits comfortable in between the $50 and $100 price points and offers a lot of value considering the performance it’s capable of. With vapor quality rivaling bulk rigs it allows for the ultimate in on-the-go portability creating a combination that’s hard to beat.


  • Battery
  • 2x Cleaning Wipes
  • 2x Ceramic Thermal Cup Atomizers
  • Discreet Pen Cap
  • Hypercharge USB Cable
  • Manual
  • Mouthpiece
  • 2x Silicone Heat Rings
  • Stainless Steel Tool
  • XL Polycarbonate Visual Reaction Chamber
  • XXL SURE-GRIP Silicone Jar

Technical Specifications

  • 3.6V to 4.2V
  • 2” x 2.5” x 6.5”
  • 6500 Micro Amp Battery


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