Can you put weed in a vape pen

Yes. It’s simple, take your bud, oil, wax, hash or Kief and just throw it in some e juice. Microwave for 8 seconds then 7 seconds, 15 total. And swivel it around. Make sure the bottle you use or whatever is glass.

OR if you mean like a dab pen? Then yes just get a wax globe attachment and do dabs on it of wax, Kief or hash. Can also Vape dry herb with that in small quantities. There are also dry herb and wax tanks to attach to the usual Vape batteries.

I suggest e juice, as its cost effective, you can blow massive clouds (so much fun) and it’ll get all the thc in you, instead of only a percentage as sometimes dabbing on pens can have excess vapor come out or you just can’t inhale it all cuz it’s strong. Seriously you should have a tolerance enough to take like half a gram dab session. If you do you gotta look into something else, because weeds not working for you lol. Most of us are okay with a 10–20 mg Vape session. Some people don’t even realize that a bowl is that much. Unless your packing a gram which can get up to 200 mg which is ridiculous for one session. 100 mg is a heavy dose and can be had in like 20 hits from the Vape pen with e juice. So it’s really effective and you’ll notice you use a lot less bud, and can appreciate the flavor more.I’m rambling, cuz I Vape weed in e juice lol and I swear by it, I recommend it.


A vape pen comes with pen style appearance, slim design, compact size which is easy to carry out. Here in following are some awesome vape pens.

SMOK Stick X8 Kit

Smok puts out a starter kit that is a direct upgrade from the Smok V8, the SMOK Stick X8. The X8 is a pen style device that delivers top splendid performance at the push of a button. Sporting a single button design, it is absolutely simple to use. The Stick V8 utilizes a high capacity 3000 mAh internal battery to power the SMOK TFV8 X-Baby. Smok’s Baby Beast X performs better than the original with its top airflow design, flavor is superior as density is increased.

UWELL Nunchaku Kit

The UWELL Nunchaku Kit is all new 80W TC Starter Kit that features the newest UWELL Nunchaku Sub Ohm Tank. This sleekly designed portable vape starter kit features the capacity for one single 18650 battery inside of its housing and reaches a maximum output of 80 watts of power in both wattage or temperature control mode. Included in the UWELL Nunchaku Kit is the UWELL Nunchaku Sub Ohm Tank. Faturing a 5mL juice capacity, top-filling system, innovative Plug-Pull coil system and new Pro-FOCS (Professional Flavor Optimizing Core System) Enhanced Flavor Technology.

Joyetech EGO AIO ECO Kit

Joyetech eGo AIO ECO is a built-in 650mAh battery that portable all-in-one vaping device powered by ECO technology. Joyetech eGO AIO ECO cheap vape pens have a very low output, that extends the battery life by almost double. Brand-new BFHN 0.5ohm head, which can work perfectly under 6-8W low wattage. It has 1.2ml tank capacity, top airflow (nonadjustable) and top refill, make it has long-lasting and good flavor. 7 colorful LED light is so funny that makes the ego aio ECO an ideal all-in-one kit for everyone.